Migration is one the of many problems that the world is facing now and if we do not act with care it will get out of control. There are various types of migrations, and each and every one of them is not kind to humanity, and people are dying everyday as a cause of this. It is a global concern and it must be taken into all consideration.

Rural-Urban migration is one thing that is affecting my country Sierra Leone. Since the end of the 11 years conflict in Sierra Leone, it has been an uncontrollable activity in the country as major activities are going on in the capital city than the rural areas.

Before the start of the civil conflict, there were lots of activities going on and intra-movement among buyers and sellers. Since the war ended, this movement has become slow, and now it seems as if it has even become worse. There are lots of activities going on in the urban areas and fewer activities in the rural areas. Even schools, colleges, institutions and universities are all based in the urban area. Therefore people will prefer to migrate to a better facility than remain in the rural area. This has been the cause to the increase in population in the urban area. We are now faced with the problem of increasing food stuff because the country depends more on

importation as most farmers have stopped farming and have migrated to the city. So we produce less and depend on imported products, which is because there is no price control and a very high demand.

There is also a problem of high crime rate and much theft, as most people who migrate are young, and about 70% of them have nothing to do but to engage themselves in illegal acts. We also see the rise of prostitution among young girls and women, as most of them are uneducated and have no skills either to engage themselves.

I think it is a reason for our government to start considering the welfare of its  citizens and to work on decentralization. As it was one of the recommendations from the TRC [Truth and Reconciliation Commission] report that was published after the war, that the government of Sierra Leone needs to consider serious decentralization which will help reduce the problems.

Also, education of skills should be enforced so that even those who cannot finish school can be able to acquire some training and be able to do something for themselves.


Disclaimer: This article is not written by ISFiT and all credits for text and pictures go to Ellen Sia Wongo, Ambassador ISFiT19.