The Participant Section is looking for volunteers to fill these positions:

  • Røros Chef
  • Workshop Assistant

Apply here

Røros Chef

Do you like cooking? Do you want to be a part of a unique project where students meet in dialogue? Then Røros Chef is the position for you!

The Dialogue Group is the part of ISFiT that works with peace building in practice, and invites students from different sides of conflicts to meet and talk on neutral ground in a 10-day Dialogue Seminar prior to the festival. In February, the Dialogue Group will invite 16 students from Poland and Hungary to the seminar, which takes place at a cabin at Røros. As a Røros Chef, you will ensure that all the participants and volunteers eat great food during the seminar. You will plan the menu and cook the meals together with a group of other Røros Chefs. In the Dialogue Group you will have the experience of a lifetime, and you do not need any prior knowledge to apply for the position.
Does this sound interesting? Apply for Røros Chef! If you have any questions about the position or just want a casual chat, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Tora Dahl // 91326499 //

Workshop Assistant

Would you like to participate in creating workshops and meet interesting people from all over the world? If so, you should apply for the position of Workshop Assistant! 

What do you think will happen when you gather 20 students to discuss topics like education, revolutions, misinformation, or religion? The goal of the workshops is to break down prejudices and to find common ground among people from all over the world. The Workshop Assistants cooperate with the Workshop Leaders. You will help with the planning, facilitate discussions, and lead activities. Through this, you will get to know other people’s viewpoints and build bridges between different cultures. This is a unique position as it is one of the only jobs in ISFiT where you get to meet and form strong friendships with the participants. Moreover, the Workshop Team is the largest team in ISFiT and is a perfect way to meet new like-minded students from Trondheim. 

There are no requirements to becoming a Workshop Assistant other than willingness to develop your leadership and public speaking skills, organisation, and enthusiasm towards topics related to “Creating Knowledge”. 

Feel free to send us an email or a message on Facebook if you have any questions. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Ben Tapley // 48671978 //