The Culture Section is looking for volunteers to fill these positions:

  • Event Team Member
  • External Coordinator
  • Activity Organizer

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Event Team Member

Would you like to get to know every hidden corner of Samfundet while contributing to the execution of ISFiT21? Then apply for a position in the Event Team! Together we will run Samfundet and make an incredible festival for everyone. Responsibilities include rigging for concerts and other events, selling tickets, and creating a fun and safe environment at Samfundet.

If this sounds interesting, the Event Team might be the perfect fit for you! No former experience required. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out via e-mail or phone for an informal chat.

Oscar M. Steen // 91520858 //

External Coordinator

Become part of ISFiT as a Project Day Team member where problem-solving and creativity in an international environment are key factors.

We in the Project Day Team need another team member! As part of Project Day, you will be joining our team brainstorms on how to organize, angle, and plan all our events.

Your specific area of focus will be on taking charge of our incoming panellists and artists as our External Coordinator. But as we are a smaller team, we hope that you can help come up with ideas and support the other aspects of Project Day as well.

Project Day is a two-day event that takes place during the main festival, a sort of ‘festival within the festival’. The focus of Project Day this time around is how accessibility, multidisciplinarity, and interculturalism affect the overarching theme for the entire festival; the creation of knowledge. Among other events, Project Day includes a concert and a panel, and it is these participants that will become your main responsibility. These events will be taking place during the first part of Project Day at Samfundet. Therefore, you will be working the closest with the Project Day Coordinator active that day when working on the plan/stay/journey for incoming guests. 

Being good at communicating professionally whilst also staying organized and maintaining a clear overview of situations are good traits to have as an External Coordinator. No specific experience is needed – all that’s required is a mindset and attitude that will help the team in both the creative planning and smooth execution of Project Day. 

Please contact one of our Project Day Coordinators, Oda Agdal, by email or phone for any questions you might have regarding the position.

Hope to hear from you!

Oda Agdal // 47751855 //

Activity Organizer

Join us for Project Day in creating fun and innovative activities as we move closer to ISFiT2021: Creating Knowledge!

We in the Project Day Team are looking for a new team member! How would you like to be part of inventing new and exciting ways of creating knowledge? As an Activity Organizer, your tasks will be creating and organizing different activities that fit this year’s theme, ‘Creating Knowledge’. This includes building fun and inclusive activities as well as taking part in organizing them and overseeing the participants, all while exploring topics such as multiculturalism, intersectionality, and accessibility.

Project Day will be a two-day event within the festival specifically for the participants. The second day, which is the one you are co-creating, will be filled with activities and food. For this position, we are looking for someone creative and fun, but also someone organized and calm. Our goal for this day would not just include the participants leaving with new knowledge, but also understand their own ability to create knowledge!
Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding this position or Project Day!

Sara Tezera // 40568119 //