Due to the coronavirus, this recruitment period will be completely digital! This means that all the communication will be done on digital platforms, including the interviews. You will get more information about this when you apply. We look forward to hearing from you!

These are the teams that are recruiting now!

The Participant Coordination Team

For ISFiT-19 we had over 7000 applications from students all over the world. The Participant Coordination Team is in charge of organizing that these applications are read and decide on who to invite. They make the application form and stay in contact with the students prior to their arrival in Trondheim. This team will also be in charge of arranging the ambassador programme. The ambassadors are students abroad who help promote ISFiT in their universities, especially from countries less represented in the festival. Part of this group’s main goal is to secure a diverse group of participants to the festival.

These are the positions in the Participant Coordination Team:

  • Assistant Head of Participant Coordination
  • Participants Support Coordinator
  • Participants Marketing Coordinator

Read more about the positions here.

The Host Team

Part of the ISFiT-experience is staying with a host-family or host-person. To recruit people willing to open their homes we have the Host Team. For ISFiT-21 we want to renew the recruitment and organizing of the hosts, with the goal of making a sustainable system for following ISFiTs. As member of the Host Group you will be part of making a new marketing plan and strategy for the whole host arrangement. For these positions, we are looking for creative and new-thinking volunteers who is not afraid of walking the roads not taken. 

These are the positions in the Host Team:

  • Host Coordinator
  • Host Marketing Controller

Read more about the positions here.

The Dialogue Team

The Dialogue Team invites students from areas of conflict to a cabin in Røros ahead of the festival. In Røros they will participate in a dialogue seminar where they will meet people from the opposite side of the conflict they are facing. Through the seminar they will discuss their disagreements on a neutral platform and hopefully empathize with each other by getting to know one another. The Dialogue Team will in advance of the festival travel do research regarding conflicts and choose three main areas. 

These are the positions in the Dialogue Team:

  • Assistant Head of Dialogue
  • Dialogue Coordinator

Read more about the positions here.

The Workshop Team

The workshops are one of the most important components of ISFiT. The 500 participants are spread over 20 different workshops running in parallel over 6 days throughout the festival. The workshops are primarily a platform for the participants to discuss important issue, ideas, experiences and passions that are related to the theme. Moreover, it is a means for the participants and volunteers to make lifelong friendships. The success of the workshops is what keeps the participants coming back each year, hence the Workshop Team has the ability to directly influence the outcome of the festival.

These are the positions in the Workshop Team:

  • Assistant Head of Workshop
  • Workshop Coordinator

Read more about the positions here.