On the 7th of February, the opening ceremony was held in Storsalen at the Student Society. For the volunteers, the opening ceremony signified that their hard work had finally paid off. For the participants, who had travelled long distances from all different corners of the world, it marked the beginning of what is promised to be an eventful and dialogue-driven festival.

The ceremony gathered hundreds of people, many of whom were dressed in the national folk costumes of their home country. It felt like the whole world came together, all under one roof, to experience a wonderful ceremony.

The event was hosted by Jonis Josef, a talented Norwegian comedian, who kept the ceremony lively, fun and energetic. Tyler Stewart, the president of ISFiT, Tawakkol Karman, the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize winner, and the dialogue group held inspirational and uplifting speeches, all in the true ISFiT spirit. The rest of the night was accompanied by fantastic musical tunes by the Norwegian singer-songwriter Moddi, the jazz/soul band Maysha, and Trondhjems Kvinnelige Studentersangforening and Trondheim Studentersangforening. NTNUI dance also performed an elegant dance influenced by the theme of migration.


Throughout the ceremony, people were displaying their pure and joyous excitement, indicating the sort of engagement we will see during ISFiT19.