Photo: Sondre Eriksen

Miss Tati presents her ambitious project Angola70: an eleven-person band rooted in Angola’s musical golden age. What started out as an experimental, commissioned work in a sweaty club last year, is now a full cultural experience combining Semba, Rebita and Soukous music and dance. With crisp percussion, dominating guitar, strong vocals, and deadly rhythm, this show will transform Trondheim into Miss Tati’s home country Angola. Together with musicians from Bergen, Miss Tati explores a fusion of Angola’s historical roots and contemporary dance music. 

Beyond the music itself, Miss Tati wishes to raise awareness around her Angolan roots and the country’s political situation in the last 60 years, in which its people experienced a civil unrest serving as a proxy war, corruption, discovery and exploitation of fossil fuels and, maybe most importantly, the culture that prospered after its emancipation from Portuguese colonialism in 1975. The country is still affected by its 27 year long civil war, which is why Miss Tati’s parents ended up in Portugal. During colonization and civil war, it was forbidden to speak the Angolan national languages Kimbundu and Umbundu. With her Angola70 project, Miss Tati empowers herself and the Angolan people by singing in both Portuguese and the Angolan national languages.