Photo: Akam1k3

ISÁK has been popular in Sápmi music for a long time, known for their energetic live shows and stage presence. Since their debut in 2017 the trio has experienced an overwhelming response in Norway, and now the «sensation from Sápmi» is finally ready to take on the rest of the world. The trio consists of vocalist Ella Marie Haetta Isaksen, producer Daniel Eriksen and drummer Aleksander Kostopoulos. With a new and exciting fusion of traditional yoik, urban synths and a text universe that combines both English and Sámi, ISÁK continues to push the limits of Sami music. With their debut album in 2017, they are now ready to release new and exciting music, starting with their September release of the single ‘Ain Du,’ which discusses the issue of climate change. 

ISÁK and their front figure, Ella Marie, have gone to great lengths to promote, represent and further knowledge of Sami music. The Sami culture has for a long time not only been oppressed, but also underrepresented in Norwegian society. Through her lyrics and outspoken nature in the media, Ella Marie and ISÁK contribute to raising awareness and understanding of the history and culture of the Sami peoples. Last time she was in Trondheim, she yoiked in Vår Frues Kirke. This was the first time she was allowed to yoik in a church, as this is still illegal in Finnmark, where she comes from. Not only is ISÁK a female-fronted, multicultural band, but they also take every opportunity they have to share their knowledge and experience of Sami culture.