Two weeks before the festival, ISFiT will take over the soup menu at SIT, with one soup each day at the SiT cantine Hangaren in Trondheim. This is to promote ISFiT and the theme “Creating Knowledge” for the students at NTNU. There will be a total of 10 days, and the different soups will be connected to relevant and interesting topics. Read below to find out which soups we have chosen and why they are relevant to the theme of “Creating Knowledge”. 

Monday 01.02: The first soup we have chosen is Vegetable Soup. Archeologists believe that we have been making soup for at least 20,000 years, and that the first soups were made by filling waterproof containers with water, vegetables, seeds etc. and boiling the content over hot rocks. The first soups ever made were vegetable soups!

Tuesday 02.02: The second soup we have chosen is meant to shed light on sustainability. We have chosen lentil soup, as this soup has a low carbon footprint. There has been and continues to be a focus on how our diet impacts the environment, and cutting out meat is one of the things we can do to make our diet more environmentally friendly. Is your diet sustainable?

Wednesday 03.02: The third soup we have chosen is an Indian soup called Mulligatawny. We chose this soup to honor and show off Licypriya Kangujam, one of the youngest climate activists globally. Her work spreading knowledge about the poor status of the environment in India and the world is important. 

Thursday 04.02: The fourth soup we have chosen is vegan soup, which represents prejudice, and is meant to make you reflect on how your prejudices affect your thoughts and opinions. We encourage you to take steps towards recognising and challenging your prejudices. 

Friday 05.02: ISFITs Dialogue team are shedding light on the increasing polarization and extremism happening in Hungary by arranging a 10 day long dialogue seminar. Today we have chosen the national dish of Hungary, Gulasj!

Monday 08.02: The sixth dish we have chosen is Bidos. This is a Sami stew which is meant to shed light on the prior oppression of the Sami people in Norway. 

Tuesday 09.02: The seventh soup we have chosen is classic vegan potato soup. This is a sustainable soup that can be made with environmentally-friendly ingredients and that leads to minimal waste production. By serving this soup, we want to talk and spread knowledge about a ‘zero waste’ lifestyle and its benefits. 

Wednesday 10.02: The company behind TikTok has been accused of censoring videos that mention Tibetan independence, demonstrating the role the media can have in “Creating Knowledge”. To draw attention to this, we have chosen Thenthuk, Tibetan noodle soup!

Thursday 11.02: The development of technology changes the nature of knowledge. This affects not only what we learn, but also how we learn. Miso Soup is a traditional soup from one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, Japan!

Friday 12.02: On the last day of International Lunch we celebrate with cake, shifting focus towards the great work done by the Student Peace Prize Team. This year’s winner is METU LGBTI+ Solidarity for their courageous, long-lasting work for a diverse society and an inclusive education for all.

We hope you found these descriptions educational and interesting, and that you enjoy your International Lunch!