GURLS are coming to ISFiT19!

One of Norway’s most successfull musical groups are coming to Trondheim and ISFiT19 in February!

With their cutting-edge jazz music packed into a single trio, this prize-winning group is sure to deliver a fun and energized concert when they walk on stage @Dokkhuset Scene on the 13th of february!

The group has already started to realise their massive potential and already sound like the finished product, just like they have for a very long time.

GURLS are made up of three of Norway’s most sought-after musicians –all of them taking what they themselves confess is a musical holiday. With their playful energy, sassy self confidence and multitudes of experience in their own bands and projects, together these three consummate musicians have formed a gently funky unit that communicates spontaneously and goes deep.

The group’s debut album, Run Boy, Run, is a genre-hopping witches’ brew,stirred up by musicians whose lyrical playfulness addresses gender roles and norms, humour and confrontational female sexuality. GURLS are righteous, refreshing and bold as brass.

GURLS features founder Hanna Paulsberg on saxophone and vocals; Ellen Andrea Wang on bass and vocals; and vocalist Rohey Taalah who, with her group Rohey, is on the road to success in her own right. She replaced previous singer Emilie Nicolas, who was involved in starting GURLS by encouraging Paulsberg to share some songs she had written about experiences in her own life.

We look forward to a great concert in february and encourage you to get your tickets now before it’s too late and they’re all gone!