I’m from Zimbabwe. My parents and my sister live in Zimbabwe as well. I did my primary and secondary education there. I am a holder of several educational qualifications, BA General Degree in music and religious studies, BA special honours in Music, Postgraduate Diploma in Education in Music and Dance, and Postgraduate Certificate in Research methods. Thus, by profession, I am a musician. I also have a master by research in creative and performing arts. I searched for opportunities to study outside my country. I wanted to be able to mix with prominent people from diverse cultural backgrounds to have a taste of various cultural traditions from various parts of the world. Luckily, I managed to secure a prestigious Choreomundus International Master Degree in Dance Knowledge, Practice and Heritage, which is an Erasmus Mundus Joint master postgraduate degree sponsored by the European Union. The program is offered by four universities in four countries. One of the universities is here in Norway, and I will be here for 2 weeks. The second one is the University of Szeged in Hungary where I am most of the time. The third country is the University of Clermont Auvergne in France where I will study the third semester of the program and the last semester will be at Roehampton University in the UK. So far, I have been to the first three countries. Basically, the reason I am moving from place to place is because of education. I love to learn and disseminate information in relation to my academic field. I have started writing publications in the field of dance for the Journal of Performing Arts, administered by the University of Ghana. I have thus far submitted two publications. I am interested in writing academic papers from an Afrocentric perspective. After this program, I want to continue learning more. I aspire to be a well-known scholar in the field of performing arts. I hope to get into one program I’ve been eyeing that will take me to Australia. One thing I love about Norway is the people. The people are very accommodating and caring, unlike in Hungary. The weather conditions aren’t too friendly, though.