Who are you, and what do you do in ISFIT?

My name is Håvard, I’m 25 years old and currently studying mechanical engineering. In addition to that, I have the honor of being the Head of Transport of ISFiT21. My team is not only responsible for driving guests wherever they need to go during the festival, but we are also organizing the ISFiT Rail for our dear participants. Imagine spending your first hours in ISFiT on a train ride, getting to know a lot of other participants while getting a glimpse of the beautiful Norwegian nature. That is the ISFiT Rail in a nutshell!

Why did you join ISFiT?

I think the spirit of student volunteerism is really cool, and the fact that ISFiT aims to establish cultural understanding appeals to me. Another reason is that I find international cooperation very interesting, and working together with fellow students from different programmes towards a common goal is really inspiring. As a final-year student I wanted to squeeze out the last bit of student life, and also get to know a lot of nice people. Through my first seven months in ISFiT, my expectations have already been exceeded.

What do you think is the best part of volunteering in ISFiT?

All the nice people you get to know! At the end of the day, ISFiT is nothing but a bunch of motivated students having in common that they want to create the best possible festival. I also find it highly motivating to be a part of an organisation throwing light on the theme “Creating Knowledge”, especially since I am allowed to do so by solving real life problems.