Due to the coronavirus, this recruitment period will be completely digital! This means that all the communication will be done on digital platforms, including the interviews. You will get more information about this when you apply. We look forward to hearing from you!

We are recruiting positions in each of the Communication Teams

The Design Team

Do you have a creative itch you just can’t scratch? Are you looking for an outlet for your ideas, a way to hone your skills, and a way to get some excellent leader experience? Then this is the position for you! ISFiT is now in need of a hardworking and dedicated Design Team. As part of the Design Team, you get to explore your creativity, gain experience and new design skills, work with other volunteers and help shape the biggest student festival in the world!

These are the positions in the Design Team:

  • Head of Design
  • Assistant Head of Design
  • Graphical Designer
  • UX/UI Designer

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The Marketing Team

Do you want to learn more about marketing? Do you have what it takes to raise ISFiT-21 above and beyond? Then the Marketing Team might be the place for you! Your job could be anything from public displays and stunts, which will hype up the festival in their own, unique ways. You will be a central role in putting ISFiT in the spotlight of the population of Trondheim.

These are the positions in the Marketing Team:

  • Head of Marketing
  • Assistant Head of Marketing
  • Public Display Coordinator

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The Social Media Team

Do know the next social media phenomenon? ISFiT is expanding, and looking for someone with a creative drive! In the Social Media Team, you will have the responsibility for the use of social media platforms, dealing with digital marketing through movies, posts, stories and all that the digital age has to offer. You are encouraged to be a creative thinker with the ability to get the rest of the SoMe Team to deliver content on several platforms. 

These are the positions in the Social Media Team:

  • SoMe Content Creator 

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The Coverage Team

In the Coverage Team, you will be responsible for delivering content and articles to the ISFiT website before and during the festival, as well as creating the ISFiT magazine. You will also be our link to local and national press channels. This is a position for the ones with a nose for scoops and a cold head to make ISFiT the talk of the town!

These are the positions in the Coverage Team:

  • Assistant Head of Coverage
  • Press Executive
  • Language Director

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The Film Team

In the Film Team, you get overarching responsibility for filming what happens prior to, during and after the festival. You get to work creatively as well as administratively, building a team that gets to document what happens through the festival period. Promotional material before and after the festival, as well as the events during the festival, will be among your varied filming tasks. You get to work across different sections and we require you to have an eye for a good shot!

These are the positions in the Film Team:

  • Assistant Head of Film
  • Film Project Coordinator 

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The Creative Outreach Team

Are you a handy individual, know your way around in a workshop, and have a desire to create something big? Creative Outreach works to make ISFiT visible in the cityscape of Trondheim. In the Creative Outreach Team, you get to oversee, create and actualize projects of different sizes with a team of builders. We are looking for someone who may have a bit more technical knowledge, but it does not hurt to be a bit organized person as well!

These are the positions in the Creative Outreach Team:

  • Assistant Head of Creative Outreach

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The Research Team

Are you passionate about the theme “Creating Knowledge”? Every festival, ISFiT creates a report that ties in with the vision of each festival’s theme. In the Research Team, you get to work closely with the thematic part of the festival alongside a team of researchers. We are looking for someone who loves statistics and manages to oversee the creation of the report, as well as working with a team of researchers until the report is finished.

These are the positions in the Research Team:

  • Research Coordinators

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