Migration is something creatures have known since the birth of time. Birds, being one of the living things without boundaries and restrictions, can migrate far across the globe, from north to south and from east to west..

With humans, migration was part of life centuries back without restrictions. But with the sense of belonging and ownership in recent times, migration is not a thing of joy people tend to migrate either under compulsion of natural disaster, war, poverty or oppression, or in the search of greener pastures, among other reasons. I am amazed by what I have seen and learnt since I legally migrated in 2012 to Algeria to further my education.

In Algeria, I realized most migrants who leave their homes, for whatever reason that might be, use this country as a transition point to Spain, Turkey and other European countries. People who find themselves in Algeria mostly end up spending almost five to ten years stacked in hideouts, with the fear of being arrested by  and imprisoned by Algerian security personnel for an unknown number of months as illegal migrants before getting deported. To my surprise, most of these migrants walked through the Saharan desert up to Algeria. As illegal as their stay in Algeria may be, they can’t have the necessary required documents to rent a house or a place that makes their hustle during this transit period comfortable. Even if they come with a lot of money, which most of them do because they sell their properties and borrow money for this dangerous journey, it would take few months to get finished without seeing any output, making it hard for them to afford a loaf of bread. Imagining how cold Algeria can be during certain seasons, and the life of the homeless who do not have sufficient money to afford clothing to protect themselves–it breaks my heart. People don’t know about these challenges and the hardship involved in embarking on this deadly journey.y six year stay in Algeria proves that new migrants keep coming each year. My point of view is that going through these hardships out of frustration, or just in search of greener pastures, shouldn’t happen to anyone in our time. And migrating illegally and not knowing of where to lodge or what to do for work shouldn’t be something anyone should go through. Migration is not new, and it will never end. But people should migrate when they have all the necessary documents and requirements to have a smooth transition from one destination to another. And society should benefit from their movement, by the migrants either adding value to themselves or having a secured responsibility to add to the community they join, and vice versa.


Disclaimer: This article is not written by ISFiT and all credits for text go to David Tetteh, Ambassador ISFiT19.