Due to the coronavirus, this recruitment period will be completely digital! This means that all the communication will be done on digital platforms, including the interviews. You will get more information about this when you apply. We look forward to hearing from you!

These are the teams that are recruiting now!

The Secretariat Team

As part of the Secretariat Team you will responsible for a good communication flow in the organization, contingency plans and the office. During the festival, the Secretariat works as the information centre and knows everything that happens at any time. This team is crucial for the execution of the festival, the structure and planning have to be on point to  The Administration’s goal is to become more environmentally friendly and the Secretariat will play a big part in that with projects connected to the festival. 

These are the positions in the Secretariat Team:

  • Assistant Head of Secretariat

Read more about the positions here.

The Welfare Team

As part of the Welfare Team you are going to make sure every participant and volunteer get the food that they need. Delivering food to the volunteers during long and hard days makes a difference and can make the days seem a bit shorter or a bit easier. You will also be responsible for a room at Studentersamfundet which is going to be turned into a Chillout Lounge for the volunteers and participants. The Chillout Lounge will be a free zone where everyone can relax between the workshop and events. 

These are the positions in the Welfare Team:

  • Assistant Head of Welfare
  • Coordinator of Business and Welfare

Read more about the positions here.

The Transport Team

As part of the Transport Team you will be responsible for the transport of people and equipment during the festival. In addition, you will be responsible of the ISFiT-rail where you will gather as many participants as possible on a train to Trondheim to create a great start of the festival. A structured and well-planned system will make the festival run smoothly and make sure that every team will work more efficiently. As one of the Administration’s goals is to be more environmentally friendly, we hope that this will be a central part of the work. 

These are the positions in the Transport Team:

  • Assistant Head of Transport
  • Logistics Coordinator

Read more about the positions here.

The Recruitment Team

Do you want to be a part of the ISFiT21 Recruitment Team? At the end of next semester we are going to be approximately 500 volunteers, and we need help to make that happen! As a part of the Recruitment Team you will help facilitate during the recruitment periods.

These are the positions in the Recruitment Team:

  • Assistant Head of Recruitment
  • Logistics Coordinator
  • Marketing Coordinator

Read more about the positions here.