Each festival, ISFiT explores a new theme which in some way regards or affects students across the globe. The theme for ISFiT21 is ‘Creating Knowledge’. With this theme we want to explore challenges and opportunities related to knowledge. These are some of the questions we will ask about this theme: 

  • What is knowledge really?
  • What implications does it have that knowledge is constructed, that the the spreading of knowledge is regulated and that we have easier access to some knowledge than others? 
  • How can we as students take an active part in creating knowledge?

Knowledge is all-embracing and essential, it is what we do every day and who we are. Knowledge is power- therefore we must discuss it!

The thematic goal for ISFiT21 is:
Make students more aware of their role in creating and spreading knowledge.

Thematic directions

This theme is divided into six thematic directions. These directions are guidelines which narrow down the theme, as well as show how broad it can be interpreted.

Academia and educational systems: Who has access to creating, spreading and acquiring knowledge? And how can we as students create and have an active relation to knowledge?

Culture and activism: How does culture create knowledge? How can culture and knowledge work as a force of change in the society, and how can different forms of activism work as a way of creating and spreading knowledge?

Norms and values: How does knowledge affect what we do every day and who we are? How does knowledge shape our values, culture and norms, and how does values, culture and norms shape what knowledge we create?

Knowledge as power: How does knowledge work as a tool for both empowerment and suppression, who uses it and how?

Media: What is media’s role in creating, spreading and regulating knowledge both nationally and internationally?

Technology: How can technology affect and change our access to knowledge and the knowledge being produced? And how can development of technology create both challenges and opportunities in creating, spreading and acquiring knowledge?