Welcome to “Undercover Refugee”!

“Undercover Refugee” is a play based on the director and author, Karen’s, own experiences as a documentary creator who follows refugees from the beaches of Lesvos towards Europe in 2015. The play delivers a humorous and moving story about Syrian refugees travel from Greece through Europe. 

The audience follows Karen’s journey through Europe and are introduced to the artist Tammam who have been imprisoned twice in Syria, and the history professor Hadiana who is eight months pregnant, and who used to work at the university in Damascus before the wore broke out.

Karen is allowed to follow their journey on one condition; do not get in the way.

At the first border in Macedonia, Karen is apprehended by the police and sent to the courts for illegally crossing the border.  This is the first step on the journey through Europe.

The show reveals new aspects of the refugee route, border police, the volunteers and the refugees, and what it reveals is a picture differing in what is presented by the media.

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